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Where to Find This Year’s Best Video Game Deals

It’s hard to find a great deal on new video games these days. So many titles are available for download directly on your console, but that convenience comes at a premium price, and unless the online store is offering a discount, you’re stuck paying full price.


One of the only ways out of this cycle is to buy physical game discs instead of online downloads. There are a lot of benefits to this method: you can add to your collection, buy new games for less on local marketplace apps like Omega, and sell games you’ve finished to other gamers, and get money back to put towards a new game.


If you’re looking to buy new games like “Pokemon Sword and Shield”, and “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” for better-than-retail prices, we have a solution! We analyzed the average price drops for your favorite games from last year and using that data, we’re going to predict when you count on finding the best deals on your favorite upcoming games starting this Fall.


Pokémon Sword and Shield

Retail: Check on the sellers

Release date: 11/15/19

Last year’s Pokémon “Let’s Go Pikachu” and “Let’s Go Eevee” brought two huge wins for Nintendo. In just the first week, 3 million copies were sold and we noticed that popularity trickle down into Omega as well. Unlike online or retail, where the original price remains the same at $59.99, pricing for these titles on Omega continues to drop.

In the first month after launch, the average prices for these titles were down to $46 — a savings of 23% just by skipping the line and waiting a few weeks! Nintendo fans will delight at seeing the current average price looking at this past month’s total sales: $36 — a savings of nearly 40% off of retail prices.


Fun fact: “Let’s Go Pikachu” was more popular on Omega — it sold 63% more copies than “Let’s Go Eevee”.

Price Predictions for Pokémon Sword and Shield

We predict that gamers will follow similar trends with Nintendo’s upcoming release, with a savings of roughly 22% in the first four weeks. Resourceful Omega users will set up a search alert, so they’re instantly notified of new listings for this hot title and can be one of the first to snag it off the app!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare


Retail: Check on the sellers

Release date: 10/25/19

One year ago, a month after Activision launched “Call of Duty: Black Ops 4,” the company announced that it had the most day one digital sales of any title ever released, and sales at over $500 million — an impressive feat against competition like “Fortnite” and “Red Dead Redemption 2.”

Unlike Nintendo, Activision lowered the cost of this game from $59.99 to its current price of $35.99, but that still doesn’t beat Omega’s average price of $26. Within the first month of release, prices on Omega fell by a quarter, bringing the average price for the game down to $45. Waiting about six months to pick up this first-person shooter is the sweet spot because prices fell to $30-$32 during the first two weeks of April.


During the first two weeks of April, gamers picked up this title for almost 50% off the regular retail price!

Already-released professional sports games are also seeing awesome savings. Titles like “NBA 2K20”, “Madden NFL 20” , and “FIFA 20” have only been on the market for a couple of months, but returned savings of more than 25% for Omega shoppers! On a larger scale, “NBA 2K20” is breaking records for sports games, even outselling anticipated games like “Mortal Kombat 11.”


Thirteen lucky “NBA 2K20” shoppers were able to pick up this favorite game for an average of $38 during the first week of launch — a shocking savings of almost 40% savings!

“FIFA 20” and “Madden NFL 20” are returning the best prices for shoppers right now. Although EA hasn’t dropped the prices yet, Omega buyers can find them for an average price of just $22 — that’s a savings of over 60%.

For shoppers that have yet to pick up these games, you’re not quite out of luck. Last year’s pro sports titles were at some of their lowest prices during the middle of December. Prices fell by about 50% off of retail just before Christmas, and are expected to take yet another dip before the holiday season is over.

Before paying full price to get the things you want, it’s always best to explore your options and see what else is out there. Omega is constantly adding new inventory to the experience, so before paying extravagant prices for new releases, try searching the latest items near you and via Omega Shipping!