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About Us


Launched in January 2020, Omega has vision to become one of Nigeria's largest comparison based social shopping portal for made in Naija and foreign products. A one-stop destination for shoppers, merchants and market enthusiasts, that binds buyers and sellers in a lucrative network, we at Omega help people connect better making the whole experience of buying easier for all Nigerians.

Who Are We?

We are the people bringing you smiles while promoting our culture.

Started by a visionary, Omega today has grown to a number that only honestly, integration and passion towards what you do can bring. From a tiny one digit number we have grown to an organization of a massive 3 digit who strive each day to deliver you smiles from across the country.

How Omega Works

Our global marketplace is a vibrant community of real people connecting over special goods. The platform empowers sellers to do what they love and helps buyers find what they love, we cover every areas of Nigeria.

So, What Do We Do?

We sell with a difference, we don't follow crowd.

Every day, we connect you to hundreds of sellers, products and buyers in a segregated and clutter free environment that helps you decide easy. When the decision is made, buying automatically follows.

Shop Handcrafted Products

Omega Nigeria marketplace brings to you authentic local handwoven and handcrafted fabrics, apparels, accessories, home furnishings, fabrics female and male's wear from all over Nigeria cities.

Wholesale Sourcing

Omega supports national and international buyers including retailers, brands, designers in efficiently sourcing handwoven fabrics and craft directly from the producers. Order your Aso Ebi in bulk from local producers.

Sell Your Creations

Omega enables handloom and handicraft co-ops, artisans, weavers and grass root designers to market and sell their creations directly to national and international consumers and buyers.

How Did We Do It?

We strive all day long to get nothing but the best out of availability. Talk sales, operations, technology or marketing, our combined expertise is under lined by a solid foundation of research and insight which helps us deliver the best in an engaging atmosphere!

The Dream

Our dream is to create and support sustainable livelihoods for Nigerian’s local producers, made in Nigeria products and artisan community, while promoting handmade, natural and sustainable products to consumers globally. Crafting the change we want to see in the world, together.

Our Motto

Our motto is to provide quality products and reliable service to all of our treasured customers. We are certain of fulfilling our motto as we are supported by a highly skilled and motivated team who will ensure that you have the best shopping experience.

Our Motive

Our motive is to empower the artisans/artists, local wear designers and provide them exposure so that their creativity becomes known to the world. We help people connect with the artisans/artists by exhibiting their profiles along with the art created by them. Along with the goods, customers get insight and aesthetic satisfaction.

Shop Securely

We provide the technology behind the Omega Nigeria marketplace, helping buyers and sellers connect and exchange on Omega. Keeping those connections safe, fun and secure is our priority, and we’re always here to help.